Exotic Cookies



Pistachio Butter Cookies - Pistachio butter and pistachio flour gives a true nut taste with a natural tint of green color and creamy finish. A delicate intoxicating soft cookie with slightly crisp edges. Topped with coarsely chopped salted dry roasted pistachios. 4 inch Diameter.

Contains: Wheat, Eggs, Milk, Tree nuts

Item # PST-BC
$3.00 each 



Almond Butter Cookies - Made with raw organic almond butter and almond flour to give a full almond flavor with a nice crispy cookie. The salted dry roasted almond chunks through out each bite add to the crunchiness. Topped with almond slices 4 inch Diameter.

Contains: Wheat, Eggs, Milk, Tree nuts

Item # ALM-BC
$3.00 each 


Pecan Butter Cookies - Invigorate your palate with the intense flavors of raw organic pecan butter, smooth rich caramel sauce mixed in, for a rich praline taste. The fine ground pecan meal(flour) gives an unique pecan nut flavor and dense soft texture. 4 inch Diameter.

Contains: Wheat, Eggs, Milk, Tree nuts, Soy.

Item # PEC-BC
$3.00 each 


Hazelnut Butter Cookies - Thick brown cookie made with Stone ground raw organic hazelnut butter. Fine ground blanched hazelnut flour with premium black label semi sweet Ghirardelli chocolate sauce and chocolate powder add a wonderful rich flavor. To this soft brownie texture cookie with a soft crunch to edges. Topped with four hazelnut slices. 3 inch Diameter.

Contains: Wheat, Eggs, Milk, Tree nuts, Soy 

Item # HAZ-BC                                                                                             $3.00 each


Sesame Seed Butter Cookies - Bold flavors of raw organic sesame seed butter, toasted white sesame seeds and rich dark amber honey mixed in. Topped with toasted black sesame seeds. Crunchy edge with Semi soft dense center. 3 inch Diameter.

Contains: Wheat, Eggs, Milk, NO NUTS

Item # SAS-BC