Cookie Gift Baskets



Gift Baskets are only available for Pick-up or Local Delivery and sold regularly at the Indoor Pop-up Shop. Each basket includes $6.00 gift wrapping fee. Wrapped in BPA Free decorative cello sheets, Large satin ribbon bow in black or signature blue, Gift tag and standard smiling cookie balloon. Themed occasion balloons are available (while supplies are in stock). Balloon is not available for shipping. Net weight: 5 lbs

Standard Sampler Gift Baskets - Contains 12 cookies. ONE of each cookie flavor:

                  Peanut butter, Almond butter, Pistachio butter, Coconut butter

                  Cashew butter, Pecan butter, Macadamia butter, Walnut butter

                  Hazelnut butter, Brazilnut butter, Chestnut butter and Mo'Butter


Bizarre Mix Basket - Contain 12 cookies. THREE of each cookie flavor:

               Chestnut butter, Sesame seed butter, Brazilnut butter and Pinenut butter


Saucy Mix Basket - Contain 12 cookies. THREE of each cookie flavor:

               Pecan butter, Macadamia butter, Walnut butter and Hazelnut butter


Peanut Butter Lovers Basket - Contains 12 Peanut butter cookies


Cookies & Milk Basket - Contain 10 cookies and 3 milks. Choice of ANY flavor cookie and milk. Please note: Milk is room temp, simply chill and enjoy.

Item # CGB-12 

$42.00 each  

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Cookie combinations without Gift wrapping 

The above cookie combinations can be ordered below

Item # CCO-12

$36.00 each

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